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About Us

My name is Daria Maya and I am the founder and president of When I was a child my parents installed a swimming pool in our backyard. My parents researched all sorts of safety features to ensure my brother and I had a safe swimming experience. They also wanted a safe water environment for our neighbors, friends, and guests. Each year my parents hosted several pool parties. Every time they hosted a party they always hired a lifeguard. At one party, a child was saved by an attentive lifeguard.

My parents always had a hard time finding a lifeguard for our parties. They would ask friends, post online, and go down to the local beach.

While in my sophomore year of high school, I completed a lifeguard skills class. I became an American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard. My goal was to help other families keep everyone safe around a pool or water body.

I decided to create WeLifeguard, where families can find certified lifeguards. I asked friends to join in my water safety effort. I hope that this website helps everyone enjoy a safe swimming experience.


About Daria

I have grown up around pools my entire life. Whether I was at a friend's house, the beach or a pool, I always loved to swim. In middle school, I continued my passion for the water by swimming at a local pool. I currently play competitive water polo. I am an American Red Cross pool and waterfront certified lifeguard. I am also a certified babysitter.

When I was younger my parents always hired lifeguards around our backyard pool during parties. I hope to give other families and kids that same feeling of security that I once felt.


About Elana

My name is Elana, and I’m fifteen years old. I have Red Cross certifications in lifeguarding, waterfront, and first aid. I love working with kids and being in the water. I have been swimming since I was a little girl, and I swam at Swim 70 in Norwalk during my time in middle school. I’ve always had lots of fun in the water--whether swimming in my own backyard, the lakes at camp, or going to the beach with my family. I hope to ensure other kids have a fun and safe experience swimming as well!


About Kate

My name is Kate I’ve been swimming competitively for 6 years, and I am on the Staples Varsity Water Polo and Swim Teams. I have certifications from the American Red Cross in CPR, Lifeguarding, and Waterfront Lifeguarding, First Aid, Boating and babysitting. I’m the oldest of 3 and I have been babysitting regularly since I was 10. I have lots of experience with children and I am an incredibly conscientious and responsible individual. Growing up, I always spent time at the pool and looked up to lifeguards. I hope to give kids a safe and fun experience.


About Charlotte

My name is Charlotte and I am a 16-year-old junior at Staples High School. I have Red Cross certifications in lifeguarding, waterfront, and first aid. I have swam competitively for 7 years on Water Rats at the YMCA and the Staples Varsity team. I love kids and I have been a camp counselor in addition to babysitting various children. I love the water and hope to ensure kids have a safe and fun swimming experience.

Sarah Corneck

About Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am a sophomore in high school and have been a swimmer on the Water Rats swim team for 10 years. I love to swim and get in the pool. I am also a member of the varsity swim team and varsity water polo team at Staples high school. Last summer I was a lifeguard at Longshore pool. I used to be a CIT at camp Mahackeno and love working with kids. I think teaching swimming is not only an important life skill but also a great way to pass on the love of an activity that will be useful and cause joy for years to come.


About Chelsea

My name is Chelsea and I am a 16-year-old rising Junior at Staples High School. I have Red Cross certifications in lifeguarding, waterfront, and first aid. I have always loved swimming and the water, and now with my Red Cross certification, know that I can responsibly guard swimming/water activities.  I have been babysitting since I was 12 and enjoy being around kids of any ages.  Swimming should always be fun AND safe, and I’m excited to be able to help make sure that happens as a lifeguard.


About Emma

My name is Emma, and I am a student at Staples High School. I am a certified AED, CPR, and first aid lifeguard, as well as a babysitter. I am the oldest of three and love to work with kids. I've loved swimming ever since I was a little kid. I learned how to swim when I was little and was on the swim team for numerous years. Currently, I swim in my pass time and am a tri season runner. During my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and hiking. I am a highly responsible individual and am dedicated to ensuring that everyone is safe and fun in the pool.


About Ethan

My name is Ethan Frank and I am going to be a senior next year at Staples High School. I have been Red Cross certified since last February and have lifeguarded multiple birthday parties and events before. I've been swimming since a very young age and am awesome around kids.


About Sarah

My name is Sarah and I’m a rising junior at Staples High School. I have Red Cross certification in lifeguarding, first aid, and CPR. As a member of the Staples Varsity diving team, I love the pool environment and find water safety very important. I am also a volunteer coach at my gymnastics center and a certified babysitter, so I have lots of experience with kids and really enjoy working with them. I am very excited to keep the pool safe and fun!


About Lexie

My name is Lexie and I am a Junior at Staples High School. I am a three-sport varsity athlete. I play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I have my Red Cross certification in lifeguarding, first aid, and CPR.  I started swim lessons at a young age and have loved swimming ever since. I attended camp for seven years and swam competitively.  I volunteer as a coach for Westport PAL in lacrosse and basketball. I have also been a certified soccer referee for Westport Soccer for five years. I love to work with kids. My goal is to ensure a safe swimming experience for everyone. 


About Anastasia

My name is Anastasia. I have been a competitive swimmer for 6 years on the Water Rats and the Staples Varsity swim team. I have Red Cross certifications in lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid. I am the oldest of 4 children and have a lot of babysitting experience. I love working with kids, and my goal is to ensure pools are a fun and safe environment for them.

Jack Bogdan

About Jack

Hi! My name is Jack. I graduated from Darien High School where I played varsity lacrosse. I am a freshman at the University of Richmond. I have been a lifeguard for the past two summers at a country club in Connecticut. I joined WeLifeguard in 2019.


About Maya

Hi, I’m Maya. I have Red Cross certifications in lifeguarding, waterfront, and first aid. From a young age, I have always enjoyed swimming and being around water whether it’s at a pool or beach. I also love being around kids and making sure they are safe. While lifeguarding, I hope to ensure that everyone has a safe experience in and out of the pool. 

A professional photo of Jack

About Jack

My name is Jack and I have Red Cross certifications in lifeguarding, waterfront, and first aid. I have been swimming since before I could walk and have always loved the water. I am one of four siblings and have been babysitting them for many years. I will be attending Purdue University next year and will be participating in their Army ROTC program. I am responsible, attentive, and prepared to act if need be. I hope to ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience in the water.

Grace Cooper

About Grace

My name is Grace Cooper. I am a senior at Staples High School. I am certified in lifeguarding, first aid, CPR, and in waterfront. I have been on Staples's varsity field hockey team since freshman year. This is going to be my second year as a captain. I love swimming and have been doing it all my life. However, while swimming should be enjoyable, it should also be safe. As a lifeguard, I strive to make everyone's swimming experience very fun, while safe. 


About Camille

Hi I’m Camille and I am a junior at Weston High School. I am Red Cross certified in lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid. I have become a dependable member of my community because safety is my biggest priority. Hope to see you this summer! 


About Matt

Matt is a Red Cross CPR /Certified lifeguard who lifeguards part time at Weeburn Country Club and is a Darien High School Junior who plays varsity football, intramural basketball and babysits for several families in his spare time. He also is a volunteer at the Darien Community Fund.

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