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Lifeguard Directory

Our lifeguards show up on time and are incredibly friendly and very responsible.

WeLifeguard provides a directory of lifeguards for private parties and children’s pool parties.  Our goal is to make it easier for you to find a lifeguard for your private event.  Instead of searching for local lifeguards, we bring the information to you so you can easily hire a lifeguard for your event.  The goal is for hosts at water events to be able to find lifeguards, and for lifeguards to be able to find employment.  We don't supervise the lifeguards and we don't hire them.  We are not compensated for our efforts.  Our goal is simply to provide a public service to the community.

Why Is A Lifeguard Necessary?

Fatal Drowning Stats

69% of fatal drowning incidents occur while one or both parents were responsible for supervising the child. Many of these are good, loving parents like your friends, like your neighbors, like you.

Drowning Time Stats

77% of children who drown had been seen just five minutes before being found in the pool

Accidental Drowning Stats

46% of children who drown were last seen inside the house and were not near the pool.

Lifeguard For Hire Rates:

Rates are set between you and the lifeguard directly.

How Much Notice To Book A Lifeguard:

As soon as you have the date for your event, you should hire your lifeguard.  Remember, the lifeguards on our directory also work at town pools, parks, and beaches.  The lifeguards are students, so plan early so they can plan their schedules to best accommodate private events.

How Many Lifeguards Do I Need:

One lifeguard is usually sufficient for up to 10-15 swimmers.  For more than 12 swimmers, there must be two guards.  If there are a lot of younger swimmers under the age of 4, we suggest the ratio be 1 lifeguard per 10.  Remember, lifeguards save adults and children.  Safety is our key priority.