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Need a lifeguard for a party or event this summer? weLifeguard can help!

Posted on May 21, 2019 /

If you’re anything like us, you love the warmer weather and signs of summer, but one of your biggest fears with summer is pools, and your children in – or around – them! If you have a pool, you likely want to ensure your kids are “pool safe” as young as possible, and if you are hosting, you may consider lifeguards to keep everyone safe. If you don’t have pool, you likely fear going near pools with younger kids, and want your kids learning to swim, and as protected as possible when they go anywhere to do so. Enter!


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Daria Maya Guards Water Safety

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Whenever Daria Maya or her family threw a pool party, they hired a lifeguard. It was a simple matter of safety.

But as she grew up in Westport, she realized not every family was as cautious.

And when the Staples sophomore took a lifeguarding class at the high school this year — part of the physical education curriculum — her teacher told her there are not enough guards to fill demand. At the same time, homeowners who want to hire them don’t know who to ask.

Now they do.

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